The OPSRC Market Place

A resource of hand picked vendors for schools, by schools.

How does this work?


Vendors that provide services to Oklahoma school districts may apply to be included in the Marketplace.  This resource will serve as a one-stop-shop for schools that are looking for a particular type of service and want to hear from other schools on their experiences. The vendor application process also includes attaining a school endorsement for services rendered.



The Marketplace is a new resource designed to provide testimonials and information on vendor services other Oklahoma districts have received. This information will aid you in making informed financial decisions for your schools. The Marketplace will be available to all schools during beta testing. Once the Marketplace moves out of beta, an OPSRC membership will be required for access.


To participate in the Marketplace, vendors must submit an application and have a school endorse their services.  This will give schools the ability to review testimonials and connect with those who penned the reference if they have further questions.  This resource will help provide our state’s educational leaders essential information on high-quality vendors whose services they can trust.



To access the Marketplace, schools must complete an application form. Login information will then grant you full access to vendors’ information and others’ reviews.

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To be included as a vendor in the Marketplace, complete an application and have a school provide a reference attesting to your company’s service quality.